Terms of Service

⁎ Prices are subject to change.
Art style may change over time.
⁎ Rush fee is an added 50% of the total.
Be sure to provide an active form of contact.
⁎ Refunds or cancellations are only permitted during the sketch phase.
⁎ DO NOT claim, repost, sell, trace, or heavily reference my art.
Commissions are for personal, noncommercial, nonprofit use only. 
⁎ If you would like to see a work in progress, please feel free to contact me.
⁎ Please remember to give proper credit when possible by linking my Twitter or Twitch.
⁎ Communication is very important! Be clear and detailed in your descriptions to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Commission Process

  1.  Fill out the commission form here.
  2.  An invoice will be sent once the commission has been approved.
  3.  Sketch will be sent for changes. Major revisions after line art are subject to extra fees.
  4. Payment will be received through PayPal once sketches are approved.
  5.  Full artwork will be sent when finished.

You can view your commission status here.